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Burnett County Trails Struggle to Keep Forrest/Rec Officers on Watch

The trails in Burnett County have long been patrolled by the Burnett County Sheriff’s Department. This summer however, there will be less officers on watch than usual. Ryan Bybee, one of the officers on duty watching over the trails in year’s past, will be changing his role in the department because of need elsewhere. "Our department is five deputies short on road patrol so I'll be on road patrol the rest of the summer," Bybee said. "It means we will have the least amount of enforcement on our lakes and trails that we have had in the last five years," he pointed out. "We have created an expectation of safe trails."   The county is attempting to make up for the absence of Bybee and other officers by hiring a limited-term employee to help fill the void. But this limited-term employee can only watch over lakes and trails eig
Posted on 23 May 2013

Paintball Fields Coming to Grantsburg

There are few people on this planet who have tried paintball and disliked it. The high energy, high alert activity comes with its bumps and bruises (getting hit with a paint ball can be quite painful), but also evokes a landslide of fun. Few people would complain about having another spot in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area to enjoy this intense activity. Grantsburg, Wisconsin will be a new home for paintballing when Sunrise Paintball has its grand opening this May. Owner Kevin Larsen’s ambition to start Sunrise Paintball is built on his own love for the game.  “It’s a fun sport. There’s team-building and strategy involved and it’s great exercise. I’ve been playing it for 30 years, and it’s just an adrenaline rush,” Larsen said.   Sunrise Paintball will be based on Larsen’s property near Grantsburg on Borg Road. The idea struck Larsen when his nephew wanted to play paintball. So, he set up
Posted on 21 March 2013

Workshops Scheduled for Local Leadership

One thing many regular citizens want are courses for the people running their local, state, and even national governments. Sometimes it seems those behind the curtain have no idea what really is going on. The state of Wisconsin is offering this very opportunity to their leaders.
Posted on 26 February 2013

Murder/Mystery Stories in Burnett County

A local Burnett County woman, Christine Seaton, or Chris as she’s known, is working to create a name for herself in the murder-mystery-romance novel environment. She has only been writing for two years, but self-published her first novel, Head in the Haymow, in 2010. Since then she has written two more books, the most recent this past October. Seaton’s first endeavor in creative writing was attempting to write television screenplays and fan fiction. She enterted contests
Posted on 19 January 2013

Snowmobile and ATV Trails in Burnett County

The first snowfall of the 2012 Minnesota/Wisconsin winter was a significant one - reports of over ten inches were widespread. While some northern residents get upset having to commute through the snow and shovel their driveways, there is a large group of people who crave the fall of fresh white powder on the Minnesota/Wisconsin landscape. Those who love the snow, snowmobile and ATV enthusiasts, wait for those big snowfalls with bated breath to carve up the pure virgin white trails with their roaring sleds. Another huge plus about the Minnesota/Wisconsin areas is there are more than pl
Posted on 18 December 2012

Adventures Caters to the Community

The family run restaurant, owned and operated by Gary and Juli Kannenberg, first opened its doors in Siren, Wisconsin in 1999. Since then, the Adventures brand has grown into two more restaurants, one in Virginia, Minnesota and another in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. The element that stands out most from the Adventures website is their catering section. They cater everything from weddings to business meetings to small events at a local cabin, from formal to casual.
Posted on 28 November 2012